Packaging of food products is the most critical aspect of food production. At Frisco, best quality packaging material is selected after thorough research to retain the freshness of the food item and to maintain its taste, both, to increase the shelf-life of the product. Packaging of all food products are determined on the basis of the country to which the items are exported. Customization of packaging is based on climatic season, temperature and duration of delivery to every region or country. The Packaging unit takes utmost care of hygienic and bacteria-free packaging for all products, therefore Frisco uses wrappers that are approved by the Food Development Authority. Frisco products are also available in various tray packs and family pack to serve our clientèle better. The packaging and labelling ensure air-tightness and therefore render long shelf-life to our products. Each products at Frisco carries a unique bar code, batch details and date of manufacturing, that easily ensure traceability of the product.